The Problem Is...

that none of us were ever taught that our emotions actually serve us. Instead, we often suffer unnecessarily as we struggle with emotions that overwhelm our lives.

The Solution is...

found within a simple understanding of how our emotions were designed to work. Once you learn how simple the tools are, you will immediately feel the impact.

Relief comes...

when you understand exactly how each uncomfortable emotion works, so that you no longer get overwhelmed but instead respond appropriately! Start by subscribing below!

About Us

Groundbreaking theory affects practical living in the revolutionary Emotion Made Simple series, brought to you by your health e-learning company, MindCare. MindCare is a Christ-centered, family business founded in 2020 under the mindful leadership of CEO Lisa Wietfeldt. The purpose of MindCare has always been to help people in the moment they are ready. Doing life well demands solid emotion regulation skills. Sadly, all previous approaches to uncomfortable emotions have left individuals struggling and confused -- completely unaware of the innate, simple homeostatic principle built into each negative emotion. This is why previous generations have buried their emotions, believing emotions just get in the way. This is where MindCare steps in. You are here because you want to learn more and to improve your life forever. It starts now with your MindCare. Visit MindCare.Quest for courses, tips, blogs, videos, bonus material, and more. Now is your time.

MindCare is your health e-learning company.

We use breakthrough psychological theory to help people thrive, personally and interpersonally. Visit MindCare.Quest.


Meet Our Team

Dr Rudy Wietfeldt

MEd, MA, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Dr Rudy Wietfeldt

Decades of experience teaching people about emotions. Creator of the Homeostatic Emotion Regulation Theory (HERT).

Lisa Wietfeldt


Business-savvy leader

Lisa Wietfeldt

Dr Wietfeldt's awesome wife!