December 23, 2023



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2024, a year to make your own.

It is time, once and for all, to learn to use your emotions effectively as they were designed to be used. Knowing that each emotion has an individual function is the first critical step in living anew.

Previous generations have been taught to deal with emotions. Said differently, we were taught to suppress them, ignore them, and essentially wait until the feelings went away.

Some have been taught to yell it out or to punch a punching bag. While better than punching a wall, these axioms do not hit the mark.

Why? Because they do not acknowledge that every Emotion has a Message and an Objective.

Before we get into a specific example, some background is helpful from the discipline of cybernetics. In particular, we draw on the concept of the negative feedback cycle, easily explained using an everyday understanding of thirst.

Thirst, an uncomfortable feeling, motivates drinking water. When we have consumed enough water, thirst goes away. The original stimulus is uncomfortable to get our attention because unanswered thirst can lead to dehydration which can lead to serious illness and even death.

The discomfort urges us to make a change. In our first year of life we learn that drinking fluids eliminates thirst. And this is the whole point of negative feedback: The uncomfortable stimulus gets our attention and spurs us on to make a behavior change, which, when adequately performed, eliminates the original stimulus.

Fear and other negative emotions, similarly, are noxious stimuli. They exist to get our attention and to urge us to behave in a way such that, when the correct response is performed, the original discomfort goes away.

Recall that thirst has a message of potential dehydration and leads to the motivation to drink water and that consuming water leads to the elimination of thirst.

So too realize that fear has a message of danger and motivates seeking safety, which, when achieved, leads to the elimination of fear.

Is it more complicated? There certainly are a lot of details that need to be filled in to make total sense of the model, yes. But knowing that each emotion has a message and an objective gives us the structure we need to understand ourselves better. It gives us the ability to learn to deal with situations in a truly emotionally-intelligent way.

And it also gives us the ability to understand others in a brand new way...leading to the remarkable opportunity of connecting with them in a deeper, truly authentic way, whether that is between spouses, between company and customer, or boss and employee.

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