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Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by the roller coaster of emotions that life throws at you? Imagine a world where you can navigate your feelings with ease, understanding the purpose behind every emotion. Are you ready to deeply understand the emotions of family, friends and co-workers so you can have better-than-ever relationships? Welcome to the revolutionary online course that will empower you to harness the incredible power of your emotions - Emotion Made Simple.


Unlock the Power of Emotions so you can Thrive

Our emotions are not random chaos; they are a finely tuned orchestra playing the symphony of your life. This course unveils the secret homeostatic function behind every emotion, providing you with the tools to decode your inner world. No more confusion, no more feeling lost - just clarity, understanding, and control.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

is how this theory has been described. The Homeostatic Emotion Regulation Theory (HERT) has successfully been taught to thousands of people by clinical psychologist, Dr Rudy Wietfeldt. HERT and all its related tools await you in a series of fun, life-changing online courses with blogs, videos and tons more info available too!

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